Illuminate Painting

Meet the team!

Our Team is a collaborative force. Comprised of seasoned professional painters, tested and proven project superintendents and a spirited client-focused service manager, we go beyond the paint.

Our Values Have Deep Roots.

We work where we live and find our value in the way we take care of those around us. Every project is the opportunity to improve the aesthetics of the environment we see every day. We approach our projects with the intention of creating long-lasting finishes that everyone appreciates as a growing and thriving community of inclusiveness.

Our Story:

Founded in 2016, ILLUMINATE began with a simple concept – be a beacon of light where customers are treated like family. Your home or business, your church or favorite coffee shop is our canvas where we showcase our craftsmanship to create warm, welcoming spaces that calm nerves and bolster energetic spirits. First drawn up at the kitchen table between Manley who worked for 10 years as a painter for his father’s company and his wife, Alex, with her razor-sharp business acumen would steer the seedling of the business into a deeply rooted company.

Manley Beasley


Alex Beasley

Sales Director

Zach Stromberg

Project Manager

Stephen Beasley, Jr.

Project Manager

Stephen Beasley Sr.

Quality Control, Sales