About Illuminate Painting of Abilene and Dallas, TX

Manley Beasley - Illuminate Painting

Manley Beasley, President

Alex Kuhn Beasley - Illuminate Painting

Alex Kuhn Beasley, Co-Founder

Zach Stromberg - Illuminate Painting

Zach Stromberg, Project Manager

Katie Hansen - Illuminate Painting

Katie Hansen, Marketing Director

Stephen Beasley, Jr. - Illuminate Painting

Stephen Beasley, Jr., Project Manager

Stephen Beasley, Sr. - Illuminate Painting

Stephen Beasley, Sr., Quality Control, Networking, Sales

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Illuminate Painting is a local Texas-based company specializing in residential and commercial painting throughout Dallas-Fort Worth and Abilene, Texas.

Our Story

Manley and Alex Beasley, a husband and wife team, founded Illuminate Painting in 2016 with the purpose of adding value by helping clients dream and execute a plan to transform their home! Manley has over ten years of experience working in the painting industry and Alex is an Abilene Christian University business school alum. With their combined expertise and business acumen they provide a distinctive painting experience. You can call them the "Painter-Upper" duo. They have seen consistent growth over the years and have established a local workforce in all of the areas they serve!

In 2019 Illuminate Painting & Construction made a few changes. First was hiring Zach Stromberg as a designated Director of Finance and Operations. With 5 years of oil-field finance and operational experience, and a cohesive culture, Zach provides an important missing cog in the wheel for this leadership team. Secondly, Zach has helped navigate a recent acquisition of Allstate Construction out of Colleyville, Texas and is providing stability throughout the transition. Accompanied by cultural and operational training, the acquisition has helped Illuminate multiply our team and expand our serviceable area quickly and efficiently.

As of 2020, we now have a marketing director, Katie Hansen, Stephen Beasley, Jr. as a project manager, and Stephen Beasley, Sr. as sales, networking, and quality control.

Our Standards

Illuminate Painting & Construction offers high quality work at a competitive price founded on strong ethics and caring customer service. Many companies like to advertise quality, but their work lacks merit in practice. With perfection as our standard, we never stop finding ways to improve our business. Furthermore, we pay close attention to detail in order to ensure high quality even before we do a final walk-through with our customers. We value and appreciate your trust in allowing us to work on your home, so you can rest assured that we will do our best to uphold our trustworthiness in your eyes. Our vision is to leave you receiving the best customer experience you have ever had from a contractor!

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to serve the community as a company that adds value and creates opportunity for growth on every scale. Illuminate Painting aims to shine the light of progress in our local communities, and offer a light of integrity, compassion, and honesty in an otherwise questionable industry.

At Illuminate we want to make a difference in this industry, and in the business world as a whole. We believe that businesses should strive to place ethics at the core of their systems. Without good principles as a basis for business-to-client interaction, trust cannot be formed. It is far too common that the consumer is pulled under by hidden fees or added profit margins where they are otherwise unnecessary. Illuminate believes that, in the pursuit of growth, the most successful businesses are those that do what is best for their employees, and for their customers. We strive to do what is best for our customers, even if that means that we don't end up with your business. Regardless of whether you hire Illuminate or not, we are glad to help you in the process of accomplishing your goals.